Treating Your Varicose Veins is not in Vain

Did you know over 40 MILLION people have varicose veins? As many as half of those patients have a family history of varicose vein disease. What causes these pesky veins? Varicose veins are caused by valves becoming faulty, they get non-compliant, or “floppy” and the blood flows backwards. The heart pumps and pushes the blood up the legs to return to the heart, and the valves are supposed to hold the blood there until the next pump. When the valve does not work properly, it no longer holds the blood from going back toward the feet. This initially causes leg swelling that resolves with rest. After a time, the swelling gets worse, and pain may occur.  Some patients even have pain without swelling. If the symptoms go on long enough and the varicose veins are not treated, they may cause ulcers and blood clots.

In addition to a family history of varicose veins, there are other factors that may cause or put a person at risk for varicose veins. Trauma like a baseball to the leg, crush injuries or surgery on the leg can cause varicose veins.  Prolonged standing like teachers, hairdressers, or machine operators, can be at risk. Obesity with a large midsection, puts pressure on the vessels that run through the front of the groin and can cause leg varicosities. Hormones, pregnancy similarly and just plain getting older can all be a risk factor.

Although some patients seek treatment because of the unsightly bulges of the veins that are tender when bumped, many have more serious symptoms, which can be debilitating. Leg pain and swelling are the most common symptoms, but patients can also have restless legs, cramping, discoloration of the skin, burning, throbbing, or itching. If the veins are left untreated the skin changes can lead to an ulcer or open wound, and the pooling blood can form a blood clot. SO, IT’S NOT VAIN to get your varicose veins treated, it’s actually a healthy treatment to do for yourself!

Here at Suburban Vein Center, we strive to help patients with varicose veins to understand the long-term effects of ulcers and blood clots are preventable, so seek treatment before they get worse! There is no reason to suffer; the treatments are much easier than the olden days of vein stripping.  Now we use FDA-approved medicine put into the vein or a tiny radiofrequency procedure that closes the veins without any surgery.   We have four locations to serve you. Dr. Hammam Zmily is an interventional cardiologist and a vascular specialist. We do free screenings in Rochester and Troy all week. We accept all insurances and Medicare and this is an approved treatment.  Treatments are normally once a week and we can complete many patients in 4 weeks.

Dr. Zmily is adored by his patients and staff.

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